Air Conditioning F Gas Courses


Mobile Air Conditioning (ABC Awards)

For technicians working on mobile air conditioning systems containing F gas refrigerants who want to gain a license to handle refrigerants in compliance with the minimum requirements of Regulation (EC) 307/2008.

This qualification covers all gases including the new gas HFO1234YF (R1234)

From July 2009, refrigerant gas can only be purchased by F Gas qualified personnel. The gas supplier should ask for proof of certification. From July 2010, all Mobile Air Conditioning technicians working with cars and vans must have achieved, as a minimum requirement, a refrigerant handling qualification, which fulfills The European Union F Gas regulation EC842-2006. This legislation applies to all garages, as the removal of any Air Conditioning component containing refrigerant requires the technician to be F Gas qualified.

W G Auto Training Ltd offer Air Conditioning and Refrigerant Handling (ABC Awards). The course consists of a one day training and assessment, which includes a training programme covering Air Conditioning Servicing and a practical assessment.

Course Content

  • Understanding of Air Conditioning systems in motor vehicles.
  • Properties of fluorinated green house gases.
  • Basic knowledge of 842/2006 and directive 2006/40/EC regulations.
  • Recovery procedures for fluorinated gases and associated legal requirements.
  • Refrigerant handling.
  • Operation of a recovery set and associated equipment.


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